Love tractor - this ain't no outerspace ship

 · I want to get a tractor cab cover from my dh to keep him warm when he plows, and am stuck between two options. Our tractor is a John Deere 4210, and I …

The ghosts of the Band are everpresent. After we see Helm working on finishing lyrics to an old Hank Williams song with bandmate Larry Campbell, the film cuts to late bassist Rick Danko's wife Elizabeth in a modest retirement home, thumbing through old photos. "To me, that's the emotional core of the movie: where Levon had just finished writing this Hank Williams song. They're singing it as we see Elizabeth Danko in this retirement home," says Hatley. "If Levon's voice hadn't come back, this could be Levon."

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I agree with Rusty if he will be *plowing*. On the other hand, if he'll be using a snow blower, a cab is a much more useful accessory.

Singer and musician Jetta Juriansz ― who actually changed her middle name to “Jedi” in her high school yearbook ― teamed up with the kids entertainment site to hilariously serenade her favorite Jedi master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Love Tractor - This Ain't No Outerspace ShipLove Tractor - This Ain't No Outerspace ShipLove Tractor - This Ain't No Outerspace ShipLove Tractor - This Ain't No Outerspace Ship