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how many times nursing home residents tell me that they're getting cable tv installed so their family will "come and visit more since there is something to do"

Hi All, My partner and I have both been issued a fine for failing to vote at our local municipal/council local government by-election We had no idea this thing

Lee, this is great. Congratulations on your new system. As i mentioned before your blog is a treasure trove of amazing information so im really grateful for you sharing it.

One issue we heard repeatedly during the IE7 beta concerned sites that looked fine in IE6 but looked bad in IE7. The reason was that the sites had worked around IE6 issues with content that – when viewed with IE7’s improved Standards mode – looked bad.

Being a council election in guessing u had to vote via mail? Easy " my vote was lost in the mail and I am beyond angry that my vote did count towards an election I felt strongly about"

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