Various - das ist quadrophonie

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I have been applying post abortal IUCD and doing first trimester MTP along with tubal ligation and found these techniques very safe if done under good antibiotic cover and proper sterlization...

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This article for PinkStinks discusses women’s soccer and questions the reasons for a lack of national enthusiasm about the women’s world cup in the Netherlands. As big fans of women’s soccer, we make a case for a stronger focus of women playing soccer and less objectification and degradation of the players. During our research we came across some pretty horrenous example of sexism and misogyny – time to smash the patriarchy, in sports and elsewhere. Read the full article in German here.

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Welcome to The Tosaf Group
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Auf diesen Bericht hat die Herstellerorganisation CELMA reagiert, wenn auch spät am 17. November. Zu lesen unter:

Various - Das Ist QuadrophonieVarious - Das Ist QuadrophonieVarious - Das Ist QuadrophonieVarious - Das Ist Quadrophonie