Ursula and the androids / jackie and the control-tops - split

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After Paul's death, Andrew comes to . Robots again, meeting with Alvin Magdescu, Director of Research. He offers . Robots the opportunity to market his newly designed prostheses for human use, as well as his own. He successfully has the digestive system installed in his body, and plans to create an excretory system to match. Meanwhile, his products are successfully marketed and he becomes a highly honored inventor. As he reaches 150 years of age, a dinner is held in his honor in which he is labeled the Sesquicentennial Robot. Andrew is not yet satisfied, however.

Brave New World also enjoys the honor of being one of the most banned books for "negative activities", which we can only assume means all of the fun things in the book. And on this note, it leaves us with the moral that if you take away all of the unpleasantness from life, how can you know what is pleasurable and enjoy it?This novel has something to appeal to everyone: science fiction fans, dystopia/utopia fans, car enthusiasts, drug addicts, polygamists, polyamorous people, and Shakespeare snobs.

w/the Gossip, Ursula and the Androids, Jackie Hell and the Control Tops (all ages, Pho Bang) Fri March 7, Vera Project, $8. w/the Gossip, the Bangs, Sleetmute Sat March 8, Crocodile, $8. Shadows loom heavy in this city--such is the burden for bands forced to bear the weight of their pasts, as the annoyance of bulky parentheses with terms like "formerly" and "featuring members of" stalk like a venereal disease. It is important, then, that when dealing with the new four-piece punk rock band known as Shoplifting, preconceptions be placed aside. Upon the dissolution of their former band Chromatics in August of last year, Hannah Blilie (also formerly of the Vogue, Soiled Doves), Devin Welch (ditto), and Michelle No reconvened with associate Christian Pugmire under a new vision--one that communally reconciled the misgivings each had about the pratfalls of the past. It took about 45 seconds into their first show last month to make one fact remarkably clear: The past was just a dress rehearsal. The band is a chorus of intergendered vocals, erratic, extemporaneous distortions, and throbbing, urgent rhythm. To say that Shoplifting are a progression from their previous projects undermines the true artistic leap represented in their still unripened seed--it's as if the past has been soaked in acetone, melting away all of the pomp and artifice, leaving in its place a seething, pulsing open wound. In place of sonic comparisons, it's best to enter their fray in terms of ideology, as their urgency screams (and screams, and screams) the strains of Huggy Bear's politics of personal aesthetic. Theirs is a utopian vision of reciprocal dialogue, a post-Riot Grrrl sensibility of inclusive social responsibility. "This isn't about just getting on a stage and playing music anymore," explains guitarist Welch. "It's more about harnessing the power of that position. What do you do when you're on the stage and you are suddenly louder than everyone else in the room? What are you going to say?" This is punk rock with a heart and a set of lungs--you can see it on their faces when they play, you can hear it in their tones as they squelch. There is something important at stake. Shoplifting is a way of life. You might also be interested in these: Spun Out: 5 Essential Cuts Selected by Local DJ Radjaw by Dave Segal Inbox Jukebox: A Weekly Shortlist of Good New Music. Lisa Prank, Total Control, Medicine, and More by Dave Segal The Most Misspelled Band Name Ever Belongs to One of the Greatest Bands Ever—Popol Vuh by Dave Segal
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