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Edward Norton packed on thirty pounds of muscle to play Derek Vinyard, a reformed white supremacist who, fresh out of a three-year stretch in prison for voluntary manslaughter, attempts to stop his younger brother, Danny (Edward Furlong), from following in his radicalized footsteps.

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Men seeing or reading about people like Michael Ibrahim (and there are many, many stories like his) recognize the good probability of attracting more than decent women (appearance-wise) if they, too, are convicted of serious crimes. You may wish to attribute greater weight to Ibrahim’s family’s money or, in other cases, to the physicality of a male criminal than his actual crimes. Be my guest. All that achieves, at best, is demonstrating that women are able to overlook a man’s very violent criminal past for financial and/or power considerations.

Chapter 595: Holy Mountains
Chapter 596: Arriving at the Celestial Sword Sect
Chapter 597: Welcoming Banquet
Chapter 598: Alchemist Palace
Chapter 599: Tour of the Sect
Chapter 600: Bloodline Pressure
Chapter 601: Formations
Chapter 602: Formation Masters
Chapter 603: Time
Chapter 604: Restoring a Soul
Chapter 605: Snake Babies
Chapter 606: First Mission
Chapter 607: Challenge Accepted
Chapter 608: Sacrificial Rites
Chapter 609: Lament
Chapter 610: City of Endless Clouds
Chapter 611: Arrival of the Gods
Chapter 612: Deng Wu’s Assignment
Chapter 613: Routine
Chapter 614: Formation Master Debate
Chapter 615: Pei Bai
Chapter 616: Formations and Daos
Chapter 617: Huli’s Rampage
Chapter 618: Shadow Attack
Chapter 619: Audience
Chapter 620: Dowry
Chapter 621: Killing the Assassin
Chapter 622: Pei Yan’s Jealousy
Chapter 623: Sworn Brother
Chapter 624: Heavenly Dragon Gate’s World
Chapter 625: Dragon’s Peak
Chapter 626: Arrival at the Debate
Chapter 627: Formation Debate Begins
Chapter 628: First Debate for Hui Yue
Chapter 629: The Final Clash Begins
Chapter 630: Flight of the Valkyrie
Chapter 631: Ten Suns
Chapter 632: The Older Generation
Chapter 633: True Battle
Chapter 634: Pill of Clarity Returns
Chapter 635: Flame of Life
Chapter 636: Chen Family’s Patriarch
Chapter 637: Returning Home
Chapter 638: Time
Chapter 639: Daos
Chapter 640: Delegation from Diyu
Chapter 641: Beast Gods
Chapter 642: The Final Introductions
Chapter 643: Black Mist
Chapter 644: Demons
Chapter 645: Demon Captain
Chapter 646: Mountain
Chapter 647: Divine Halo Formation
Chapter 648: Arriving in Youdu
Chapter 649: The Small Maid
Chapter 650: Black Phoenix
Chapter 651: King Chujiang
Chapter 652: Rong Xing
Chapter 653: Resurrection
Chapter 654: Archaic World
Chapter 655: Friendly Support
Chapter 656: Information Dealer
Chapter 657: Getting Ready
Chapter 658: Good Fortune
Chapter 659: Bandits
Chapter 660: Blissful Realm
Chapter 661: Bazaar
Chapter 662: Blissful Pavilion
Chapter 663: Arriving at the Archaic World
Chapter 664: Tidal Wave
Chapter 665: Hellhound
Chapter 666: Heart of the Formation
Chapter 667: Ancient Ruins
Chapter 668: Group Battle
Chapter 669: Fame Through Battles
Chapter 670: Herb Field
Chapter 671: Sylph
Chapter 672: New Companion
Chapter 673: Serfdom
Chapter 674: The World
Chapter 675: Battlefield
Chapter 676: The Spirit War
Chapter 677: Stories
Chapter 678: Ghost
Chapter 679: Vast Expanse
Chapter 680: Alchemist God
Chapter 681: Xiao Hui
Chapter 682: Nurturing a Soul
Chapter 683: Refining a Body
Chapter 684: First Body
Chapter 685: Hui Yue Refines a Body
Chapter 686: Success or Failure?
Chapter 687: Perfect Body
Chapter 688: Fighting Huli
Chapter 689: Bullied
Chapter 690: Pei Ziqi
Chapter 691: Goodbye
Chapter 692: Leaving the Archaic World
Chapter 693: Blissful Guard
Chapter 694: Soul-Searching Technique
Chapter 695: Elders of the Pavilion
Chapter 696: Selling Treasures
Chapter 697: Home
Chapter 698: Wedding Preparations
Chapter 699: Unexpected Guest
Chapter 700: The Fleeing Hui
Chapter 701: Wedding
Chapter 702: Brilliant Moon
Chapter 703: Wedding Vows
Chapter 704: Honeymoon

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guess wat! I thought i was the only one who felt it samaya looked hot together!! seriously they have the same intensity in them… im no more praying that arjun falls in love with maya.. but im pining that maya falls for samay.. both will be so deeply in love n theyre would be so much fire.. also maya nor samay wont behave so obsessed n insecure /negative coz either of them would make each other their world….wow!

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