John low vs. guy smoke - hieee haaa

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That’s at least 2,059 horsepower in one burnout trio, or what we in America like to call “almost enough.” The sound alone, with the deep roar offset by supercharger whine, is the stuff of hopes, dreams, magic, love and Whataburger taquito runs.

“Once this siding is placed on a number of buildings, the historical character of the entire district may be seriously damaged. The retention of original materials and their craftsmanship must be of primary importance. When artificial siding conceals the historic fabric they will always subtract from the integrity of historically and architecturally significant buildings.”

At the meeting, his boss is waiting.
Better get while the gettin’s good.
The trucker behind him’s tailgating.
No time to look underneath the hood.

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Politico reported that it certainly appeared as if the ACU (through a letter from Keene deputy Dennis Whitfield, with whom I had met in 2008 about potentially funding part of “Media Malpractice”) was offering Federal Express Keene’s op-ed support on a legislative issue if they paid ACU a couple of million dollars.

John Low vs. Guy Smoke - Hieee HaaaJohn Low vs. Guy Smoke - Hieee HaaaJohn Low vs. Guy Smoke - Hieee HaaaJohn Low vs. Guy Smoke - Hieee Haaa