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Psamtik II was also responsible for founding the Temple-house at Hibis in El- Kharga Oasis for the triad of Amun , Mut , and Khonsu with significant installations for the cult of Osiris . [12] This x 26 metre temple was originally situated on the bank of an ancient lake which has now disappeared and its temple decorations were only completed under the Persian kings Darius I and possibly Darius II . [10] The Hibis temple consisted of a hypostyle hall with two-by-two papyrus capital columns, a hall of offerings, three sanctuaries in the rear section of the temple and a chapel at the side of the sanctuaries for the cult of Psamtik II. [12] The front of the temple house of Hibis featured:

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Hrvatski is an alias of Keith Fullerton Whitman . Hrvatski has released on labels such as Planet Mu and his own label, Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge. His album Swarm & Dither was released in 2002. He has also released music under his own name and made a number of remixes.

Hrvatski - IneditsHrvatski - IneditsHrvatski - IneditsHrvatski - Inedits